Betfred Bookmakers

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Betfred Sport Betfred Bookmakers, or Dones Bookmakers as they were originally named, began with just one shop in 1967. Now they have one of the biggest and best online betting sites.

A single shop, some years after betting shops were legalised, surely the Dones had missed the break? Not at all - they made up lost ground quickly.

Today, Betfred Bookies has its much-respected and popular online offering which includes sports betting, poker, casino, bingo and games and in excess of eight hundred betting shops. Nowadays the online betting operation alone achieves an annual turnover in the region of £1.4 billion.

Betfred enjoys the distinction of being the UK's largest privately owned betting company and the most substantial retail operation under private ownership. With that private ownership comes a distinctive, overriding character that can probably be attributed to Fred Done. The business growth has been driven by the eponymous Fred's desire to offer customers a bit of extra value, beyond the betting odds that are on offer. Betfred claim to provide customers with a greater number of bonuses and concessions than any of their competitors and describe themselves as The Bonus King.

If you wish to bet online, Betfred should be high on the list for that very reason as they frequently offer very generous bonuses that are not on offer elsewhere and may just have something special lined up for the race or match that you are targeting. Betfred often offer both bonuses and cash-back deals for punters. They love to add percentage bonuses on multiple bets such as Lucky 15s ie: treble the betting odds for one winner in a Lucky 15 bet.

In the 2010 Oaks and Derby Betfred offered refunds for punters whose horse came second by a short margin. Punters who fancied Meeznah in the Oaks were certainly grateful after the race.

Betfred's website offers everything you would expect as well as brag and lotto. It may not be the most aesthetically engaging bookmakers' site you have ever come across, but everything you need is there and they have received praise for the clarity and user friendliness of their betting slips.

Best odds are guaranteed on all UK and Irish horse racing, reflecting the firm's relatively local focus. This means that if you bet on a winning horse, at a shorter price than the starting price, Betfred Bookmakers will pay out at the starting price rather than the betting odds you took when placing your bet.

History of The Bonus Kings

Looking at the history of the firm, Dones was started by two brothers, Peter and Fred Done. It is obviously Fred who is part of the name and certainly the human face of Betfred, playing a very active role in promoting his company and casting himself and consequently his company as Bonus King. Fred has stamped both his personality and philosophy on the company with great results. Betfred has achieved colossal growth since the humble beginnings of that one small shop in Ordsall, Salford.

Fred Done is himself a gambling enthusiast who has had some high profile results. In the 2004/2005 season, Done bet £1million with rival, Victor Chandler Bookmakers, that Manchester United would do better than Chelsea in the Premier League. Done was stoical about forfeiting his million. Done's widely quoted first golden rule of betting is never to bet more than you can afford to lose.

In 2002, the telephone became a new channel for Betfred betting. Two years later, and much later than many operators, the online operation took shape and was launched.

Today, the firm is headquartered in a former sports hall in Birchwood, Warrington and lead by John Haddock, Managing Director, who has risen through the company after starting as a Regional Manager.

Betfred are very actively involved in the sports from which their revenues are derived. They are particularly supportive of greyhound racing in the midlands and north of England and are the principle sponsors of both Nottingham Greyhound Stadium and Sheffield's Owlerton Stadium. Without their support, both stadiums would struggle to survive. Betfred have also sponsored the World Snooker Championships and announced their continued sponsorship of the tournament in 2010 and beyond.

Betfred Bookmakers have unique credentials and, whether you are a value punter interested in relatively local sports action or a games, poker or casino fan, Betfred Bookmakers should be on your online favourites list.