Uni Bet Bookmakers

£10 Uni Bet Free Bet for new online players

Uni Bet Bookmakers are a substantial operation, now based in Gibraltar. Uni Bet is a highly respected and trusted name in UK online betting.

The family run company has grown dramatically in recent years through acquisition. In 2007 Uni Bet bought the struggling BetDirect and Betterbet operations. Three years later in 2010, they acquired the 23 branches of Pagebet bookmakers which had been declared bankrupt.

Today, one look at the home page of Uni Bet Bookmakers confirms that they have adhered to their original plan of being a no-nonsense, honest, straight talking betting provider who aims to make betting as uncomplicated as possible. Nowhere else do you find a heading worded 'Some Stuff About Us' on a homepage.

Sports and race betting have been core areas for Uni Bet since the very beginning but, today, they offer poker, casino, slots and games via the website. While the breadth of their offering may have changed, the fundamentals behind the business have not.

They are proud to be a family company rather than an anonymous board of shareholders and really do provide a high standard of friendly service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to the tens of thousands of customers who choose to bet with them online, through the mobile service and call centres.

Uni Bet Bookmakers claim to have pioneered betting in-running and it has consequently become a key part of the offering for punters playing online at StanJames.com. We can confirm that this bookmaker offers the widest selection of live sports betting markets of the entire industry and we are full of praise for the live betting portal.

Uni Bet also provides a running diary online, detailing the sporting events to be featured in the coming week. The diary specifies the times of events and the TV channel or radio stations that will be covering them, making it easy for customers to plan their punting week in advance.

Customer satisfaction is top on their list of priorities. If you are a horse racing fan, full information is available on the site to help you make your selection. Their racecards may not be quite as aesthetically pleasing as some you will find elsewhere online, but the quantity and quality of information is second to none.

Unlike other major bookmakers, if you are looking for a Special bet which is not currently on the list of specials on offer, Uni Bet invite you to give them a call and claim that they will 'see what they can do'.

You don't have to spend a fortune to start betting with Uni Bet BookmakersUni Bet Bookmakers. The minimum deposit is just £5 and the minimum bet even lower. They accept all the usual cards and payment methods so opening an account is quick and easy.

Who is Uni Bet aka Stan James?

Actually he doesn't exist. The name is an amalgam of the names of the founding partners, Steve Fisher, Steve James and the late James Holder. Steve James was the first suggested name but Steve's wife, Anne, put in a strong request for her name to be used too - hence Stan.

It all started in 1973 when 'Stan James' opened a betting shop in Compton, Berkshire. You may not have heard of Compton but, strategically, it was great location for a betting shop. The neighbouring villages of East Isley and West Isley were home to an array of horse racing trainers including Dick Hern, Ken Cundell, Gavin Hunter and Roddy Armytage. Since then, the names may have changed but the area remains a hub of horse training activity. Where there are stables there are plenty of stable lads and lasses as well as trainers prepared to wager their wages.

The next shop was opened in Marlborough. It is no coincidence that the town is host to the highly respected public school responsible for the education of the sons of many of the monied horse owners in the area.

By the end of 2005 Uni Bet had nearly 20 shops - hardly an awe inspiring rate of growth - but they were turning over some £10 million per week through online and telephone betting.

Why bet with Uni Bet Bookmakers?

This online bookie is a trusted name in the UK industry who always offer enticements for new customers (currently a £10 free bet) and who remember to look after their existing clientele.

Uni BetUni Bet Bookmakers 'in running' betting diary has attracted a lot of praise, as has the simple navigation of the website and the ability to use the same account whether playing casino, games or their internet poker room.

They are known for offering very fair odds on a range of betting options which provide good coverage of minor markets as well as the obvious.

Last but not least, when you have a successful bet, Uni Bet Bookmakers are known for paying out fast too.

Unibet Bookmakers Review

Unibet Bookmakers has been doing what it does best since 1997 and is now one of the largest privately owned gambling operators in the European market, providing services in 28 languages to more than 5.6 million customers in over 110 countries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our Unibet review can reveal that the Swedish-owned company has a large Scandinavian customer-base but actually its head office is in Wimbledon, South London.

They offer some of the most comprehensive markets for UK football and other sports betting, with regular special offers and competitions for UK bettors.

They also cover football from all over the world with an impressive Live Betting section which has hundreds of live streamed events every week (over 9000 a year) across a variety of sports, including football, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball and table tennis.

Their football live streaming includes major domestic leagues such as Serie A, Eredivisie, Ligue 1, Liga Sagres, International football from all major confederations, trans continental competitions including Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Asian Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League and many more (including the Premier League!).

They even bet on Futsal. I mean what on earth is that? We do not want to know. That said, it is to Unibet's credit that they bet on esoteric sports only known to undiscovered Scandinavian Eskimo tribes. You would think it demonstrates the breadth of their betting options.

Strangely, Unibet Bookmakers do not seem to have heard of UK horse racing. They only currently offer horse racing betting on the biggest meetings such at the Cheltenham Festival, Grand National and Royal Ascot. But there is no daily UK horse racing betting. This is a major omission for a company striving to make inroads into the UK market. Their European roots are showing severe naivety if they don't realise the importance of British racing to the UK and Irish punter.

On a more positive note, uniquely they offer a Ca$h-In function which gives you the option to settle your bets before the match is finished - for all bets placed in this Live Betting console, so you can take a portion of your winnings early, or cut your losses before it's too late.

This Ca$h-In feature enables you to close an open position at any time during a match or event, depending on the value of the current bet. The Ca$h-In offer might be for more or less than your original stake, depending on what's happening in the match and their offer will appear on the Ca$h-In button. To accept the offer, simply click the Ca$h-In button and confirm. The bet will be considered settled at the shown price and the funds will be deposited immediately to your Unibet account.

For example, the score is 0-0 at half time between Barcelona & Read Madrid. You place a bet of £10 that Barcelona will win at odds of 2.00. A couple of minutes into the second half, Barcelona score to take a 1-0 lead. The odds for Barcelona have now changed to 1.20, but Read Madrid have had several good chances and you think a draw or even a Read Madrid win is still possible. You have the option to Ca$h-In your bet now and get an immediate payout of £17 (rather than the £20 if you wait to full-time and Barcelona win). Your winnings are secured and settled, whatever happens in the game.

Unibet also offer a special accumulator every week called the Supertoto from which there is an estimated £10,000 guarantee to single coupon winner. A list of 8-14 matches are displayed and, from these, you select a result for each match (you can hedge your bets by choosing multiple outcomes for one match; however this increases the price of your coupon as it creates extra combinations). When you've finished, click submit and your coupon will be registered and available for viewing anytime in your 'Pending Bets' under 'My Account'.

Also available is the Superscore from which you predict the correct final score for three matches. A single winner is guaranteed a minimum of €1,000 in winnings.

Our Unibet review found the website itself to be clean, basic and simple to navigate with an event drop down list, located on the left side of the page, which displays the amount of betting markets available for each sport.

They also only offer odds in decimals, which might not be as familiar to those only used to fractions such as 2/1. This is another nasty reminder of their Scandinavian bias. How painful would it be to offer fractions as well? It would take a one-armed, drunk software developer about half a second to code it into the site. Some Euro-lovers would suggest that decimals are easier to understand than traditional fractional odds. As a decimal, odds show an outcome equivalent to the fractional odds + 1. Thus, fractional odds of 10/1 are shown as 11 as a decimal, odds 1/1 (evens) is 2 as a decimal and odds of 1/2 (odds on) are 1.5 as a decimal.

For example, place a £10 bet at 15/2 and you might take a moment to calculate that this is actually 7.5/1 which would be displayed as 8.5 in Unibet's decimal odds. Simply, this means that if you bet £10 and it wins your return is £85. The decimal odds quoted tell you what Unibet pay you when you win, including your stake. Easy.

However that is a bit like telling a Frenchman that English is an easier language for him to speak.

Unibet's sports betting section claims to offer a £20 risk-free bet. But, if your first bet loses then Unibet will give you a free bet up to that £20. So it is far from risk free as you need to lose first to claim it. This is a feeble incentive given the bonuses other firms are offering but, as we always say, the offers should not be the main criteria for choosing your betting partner.

Unibet also offers casino, poker and games sections, all mandatory at a world-class online gambling location. All of these sections are at the top of their game and are as good as anywhere else on the web.

So, to summarise this review, the pros of Unibet Bookmakers are:

  • Established since the birth of the online world.
  • Huge, trusted company with millions of customers.
  • Clean website that even your senile old granny could navigate while sleep walking.
  • Great football markets.
  • Based in UK and regulated markets.

The cons of Unibet are:

  • Based in UK but aimed at Scandinavian winter-sport lovers. The focus is more the mainland European market than Britain and Ireland.
  • No UK daily horse racing markets. An almost unbelievable and totally unfathomable omission. Demonstrates an ignorance of the UK betting market.
  • No fractional odds option. This should exist as an option as any child could add it to the software. Another slap in the face for the British punter.
  • Paltry free bet and you need to lose money to get it.
  • If IKEA did betting it would be something like this: annoying, smug, missing a few essentials but slick, clean, efficient and fair. The result of our review is that we highly recommend the well-established, trustworthy Unibet Bookmakers, despite their undoubted eccentricities.